What are the rules?

What are the rules?

Don't be underage, Don't discuss underage, Don't discuss other chat/messaging services, Don't spam, Don't discuss anything illegal.

In order to support an enjoyable environment to communicate in, we have implemented the following rules:
  1. You MUST be at least 18 years of age (or older depending on your local area/laws).
  2. You may not post about or discuss other cam/chat/messaging/video sites/apps (Skype & Snapchat allowed in whisper messages and private rooms only).
  3. You may not request to be blackmailed, outed or any other forced negative behavior.
  4. You may not discuss, seek or solicit minors (those under 18 years of age), whether real or fictional (age play).
  5. You may not harass or intimidate others, including moderators or administrators.
  6. You may not post or advertise commercial or pay websites in chat rooms, private messages or your bio line.
  7. You may not post the same or similar messages more than twice in 3 minutes (flood the room).
  8. You may not broadcast fake cam images/video or videos or movies/porn (only your webcam, of you, live).
  9. You may not solicit (exchanges of goods or services for money, credit, gift cards, or any other currency).
  10. You may not hack, or otherwise attack or disrupt the service or any other person's ability to use the service.
  11. You may not discuss, show or broadcast anything related to: bestiality, rape, incest, death, self-harm, violence, body modification, gore, scat or watersports.
  12. You may not share content promoting racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of bigotry.
  13. You may not impersonate any other person, including users, as well as moderators or administrators.
  14. You may not use all CAPS, it implies yelling and people don't like it.
  15. All rooms are English only, except the espanol room.
  16. You may not submit false abuse reports.
We have made this list as short as possible. Please respect these few rules.
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    • How to login as a guest

      Login as Guest 1 Navigate to https://menchats.com/videochat/ 2 Enter your name to chat as a guest 3 Choose your age 4 Agree to rules/terms 5 Log In
    • Unable to type or post in room

      If you are unable to post messages/type, view webcams, etc. you were silenced from participating for a limited amount of time, due to an abuse of our rules. Please visit the site at another time and be sure to follow the rules.
    • Why was I banned?

      For violating the rules. You may lookup the exact reason and length of your ban, on our lookup tool. Support agents have access to this same information, do NOT submit a request for the ban reason or how long your ban will last, they will direct you ...
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      There would be two reasons for a kick: 1. Our service utilizes a list of "banned" words, to prevent spam and abuse, our automated system will kick anyone from the service when they use one of these words/phrases (see rules). 2. You may also be kicked ...
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